Pregnancy Confirmation (Ultrasounds)


When do I schedule my bitch an Ultrasound?

Dogs are Pregnant for 62-64 days. At 30 days pregnant, the fetuses are large enough to be seen with an ultrasound.  So, schedule your ultrasound 30 days after your dog's breeding.

Why Should I get an Ultrasound?

Getting your dog's ultrasound at 30 days pregnant is an important step if the breeding process. It lets you know if your breeding was successful!

With all of the progesterone tests and timing it takes to breed, we want to help you confirm that all of your hard work did NOT go to waste!

Expectations of the Ultrasound

After your ultrasound, you should expect to know whether your bitch is pregnant or not.

We can NOT tell HOW MANY puppies are in the bitch but we CAN confirm pregnancy by showing you the fetus inside of your dog.