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Presa Canario and French Bulldog Puppies

Here you can find photos and information on all of the Kennel’s puppies currently available for adoption! Both our Frenchies and our Presa puppies are bred from reputable bloodlines with verifiable pedigrees. Click below to learn more about the puppies in our latest litters!

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs, often called Frenchies, are a playful and intelligent breed, bred for their adorable looks and affectionate companionship. Although their name would imply origins in France, this breed actually first developed in Britain from the Old English Bulldog, a breed now extinct. Throughout the 19th century breeders in both France and America continued to refine the Frenchie to its modern form. Now through careful breeding, these adorable companions can have a wide variety of sought-after coat colors and patterns.

Click the link below for more detailed information and a complete history of the breed.


Presa Canarios

The Perro de Presa Canario is a strong and noble breed, used for centuries as a guard dog. Although powerful and vigilant when protecting its masters or property that it considers to be its own, the Presa is kind docile and goofy when no threat is present. It is known as a “gentle giant.” Its history dates back several hundred years to when Spanish Conquistadores crossbred their own large dogs with the native dogs of the Canary Islands to create a breed that would protect their livestock from coyotes and other predators.

Click the link below for more detailed information and a complete history of the breed.

Available Puppies

Puppies AVAILABLE NOW. Click Below to View


About Damn Danley Kennels

Most our dogs are now fully grown and have begun to breed, creating the next generation of puppies available to the public. The two breeds we are most passionate about are one of the largest and one of the smallest. Because the core of our interests is to provide our clients with a Family Guardian/Companion that can become a member of the family, and both Frenchies and Presas, despite their disparate sizes, are known first and foremost as family dogs.

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