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French Bulldog Studs


Mr. Tut

DDK Mr. Tut is a Lilac and Tan Merle stud. He is a Double Intensity "New New Shade" Producer.  Mr. Attitude son and Chaos grandson with Wall-E bloodlines!

Carries: AtAt Bb coco dd kyky Ee nEM nn Mm ii

NO pied / NO brindle

Carries TESTABLE chocolate, carries CREAM, and carries MASKLESS

This stud carries EVERY COLOR

5 Panel test Health Clear!

Great Structure / Short and compact


$2000 Stud Fee

dsc02294-edit copy.jpg2


One of the ONLY Lilac East Bay Tank Line dogs in the WORLD! He is a visual Lilac QUAD.

Carries Tan points and Cream.

Nutso son, Tank Grandson, Enzo grandson, Vegas Grandson.

Carries: AyAt BB coco dd EMe KyKbr NS


$6000 Stud Fee

DSC00646-Edit copy


Chocolate Covered In Cream and Carries Tan Points and Blue


$2000 Stud Fee

Damn Danley Kennels Provide The Best French Bulldog Stud Service in Atlanta

Are you dreaming of a cute French Bulldog puppy? Well, we at Damn Danley Kennels make those dreams come true with our top-notch French Bulldog Stud Service in Atlanta. You might wonder, "why do I need a stud service?" Simply put, it's like matchmaking for dogs, helping to ensure healthy and adorable puppies. It makes a big difference who the father dog, or 'stud', is. A high-quality stud means puppies with better health, looks, and temperament. 

At Damn Danley Kennels, we take pride in having the best French Bulldog studs in Atlanta. Each of our studs is healthy, well-behaved, and simply adorable - just what you'd want in a puppy daddy! With us, you don't just get a stud service, you get a partner in creating the best possible puppies. So, if you're ready to take the next step towards your dream French Bulldog puppy, remember - we're here to make sure it's the best it can be.


Our French Bulldog Stud Service in Atlanta Comes With Numerous Benefits

Worried about making a decision as to why I should prefer Damn Danley Kennels for French Bulldog Stud Service in Atlanta? Here are all those reasons we are the number one breeders in Atlanta!

Superior Genetics

We ensure that our studs possess superior genetics. This not only guarantees adorable puppies but also promises good health and longevity. You'll be investing in a high-quality French Bulldog that will be part of your family for many years.

Exceptional Temperament

For the top notch French Bulldog Stud Service in Atlanta, Our studs are well-behaved and have gentle dispositions. So, you can expect your puppy to inherit these characteristics, resulting in an easy-to-train and well-mannered pet.

Health Assurance

We prioritize the health of our studs and, consequently, your future puppies. All our studs undergo regular health checks, assuring you of a puppy free from genetic disorders and diseases.

Variety of Colors

One of the perks of choosing us is the variety of colors our studs bring to the table. Whether you fancy a classic brindle or a rare blue French Bulldog, we've got you covered.

Proven Track Record

We have an established reputation in Atlanta. For Frenchie Stud Service in Atlanta , our customers trust us and frequently commend our services. This speaks volumes about the quality of puppies we help create.

Comprehensive Support

To offer you the world-class French Bulldog Stud Service in Atlanta, we don’t just offer you a stud service; we offer support throughout the entire breeding process. Our team is always ready to answer your queries and ensure a seamless experience.

Competitive Pricing

Despite offering a premium service, we believe in fair pricing for Frenchie Stud Service in Atlanta. Our rates are competitive, ensuring you get the best value for your money when you choose Damn Danley Kennels.


Our Available Studs For Frenchie Stud Service in Atlanta

We have 3 companions to fulfill your Stud Service needs for the Frenchie bulldog. These amazing dogs have all the qualities that you’d want to see in the next baby puppy. A brief detail about these amazing Frenchie bulldogs is as follows!



We introduce to you our handsome stud, Mr. Tut DDK. A Lilac and Tan Merle stud, Mr. Tut brings about a unique mixing of color, thanks to being a Double Intensity "New New Shade" Producer. As a Mr. Attitude son and Chaos grandson with Wall-E bloodlines, he carries a rich genetic heritage. He possesses a diverse palette including testable chocolate, cream, and maskless, along with NO pied and NO brindle. On the health front, rest assured as he is a 5 Panel test Health Clear! If you're looking for a stud with great structure, short, and compact, Mr. Tut is your guy. We offer Mr. Tut's stud services for a fee of $2000.


Meet Osiris for the Frenchie Stud Service in Atlanta, one of the ONLY Lilac East Bay Tank Line dogs in the WORLD! As a visual Lilac QUAD, he carries tan points and cream. Descended from a line of champion studs - Nutso's son, Tank's Grandson, Enzo's grandson, and Vegas's Grandson - Osiris offers exceptional genetics. His unique lineage and distinguished color palette make him an excellent choice for your breeding needs. You can avail Osiris' superior stud services for a fee of $6000.



Introducing Payroll, our stunning Chocolate Covered stud. Along with his rich, creamy color, he also carries Tan Points and Blue. His splendid color combination makes him an ideal choice for the breeders looking for a touch of uniqueness. With his exciting color profile, Payroll assures puppies that are not just healthy but also aesthetically beautiful. You can secure Payroll's stud services for a competitive fee of $2000.

What’s Taking So Long? Book Your Meeting and Get The Finest Frenchie Stud Service in Atlanta

Don't delay your dreams any longer! Secure your spot with Damn Danley Kennels today. Experience our unmatched stud service in Atlanta and witness the creation of your adorable French Bulldog puppy. Our studs are waiting, ready to produce healthy, beautiful pups. Book your meeting now. Get ready to welcome a lovely French Bulldog into your home. Embrace the joy of a quality Frenchie!

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