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About Damn Danley Kennels


A Solid Foundation

Damn Danley Kennels was started by its founder Johnny Danley in 2018 with just three dogs: Nefi, Isis, and Tuya, all named after Egyptian gods, goddesses, and royalty. These first three were Presa Canario, three puppies, all with excellent structure and careful training.

Introducing the Frenchies

Then in 2020 we added three French Bulldogs to our Program: Cleopatra, Maya, and Pharaoh. Our Frenchies came from refined breeders in the UK with the most sough-after genetics and structure of the breed.


The Next Generation

Most of our dogs are now fully grown and have begun to breed, creating the next generation of puppies available to the public. The two breeds we are most passionate about are one of the largest and one of the smallest. Because the core of our interests is to provide our clients with a guardian and companion that can become a member of the family.  Both Frenchies and Presas, despite their disparate sizes, are known first and foremost as family dogs.

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