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Chocolate French Bulldog

March 10, 2023

Chocolate colored Frenchies are similar to Blue Frenchies, in the sense that they are a base color for French Bulldogs. For example, Chocolate Frenchies also come in Chocolate Brindle and Chocolate Pied. However, these colors are arguably even more rare than the others on this list. It’s because, like the blue color, the chocolate color comes from two copies of a recessive gene. The means that one copy of the recessive gene must come from each parent, making it slightly more difficult to breed for.

And if you thought it couldn’t get more difficult or complicated, this recessive gene is a nontestable gene. In other words, there’s currently no available DNA test for identifying this gene. The only way to “know” if a French Bulldog has the chocolate color gene is simply by looking. If it looks like chocolate, it’s probably chocolate.

What we do know is that Chocolate Frenchies can range from a light milk chocolate color to a dark brown chocolate. In addition, their eyes also will vary greatly in colors – such as yellow, green, gold and more.

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