Why Progesterone Testing is Important

Progesterone testing is a relatively inexpensive and useful tool in female dog reproduction. Progesterone is the reproductive hormone that is generally measured in Nanograms per Mililitter (ng/mL). Different manufacturers and different machine models register this hormone in different numerical values depending on their software. For example, on some IDEXX machines, ovulation is indicated at a 4 or 5 ng/mL; while on other machines such as Wondfo Finecare, ovulation is indicated between 10 and 12. It is imperative to understand your equipment and what machine you are testing on. Many dog breeders think that they should breed at a particular number; not understanding that the peak of ovulation varies from vet to vet and machine to machine.

Most of our progesterone testing clients are french bulldog breeders but we offer our services to all breeds such as Presa Canarios / Spanish Mastiffs, Cane Corsos / Italian Mastiffs, exotic bullies, etc.




When breeding your dog, progesterone testing is the best way to know when your dog should be bred. If you are shipping the semen from a stud abroad, this becomes 10X more important. That window of fertilization needs to be narrowed down as much as possible so that you do not waste your semen specimen.


Progesterone Testing


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